Group photo of NYC Podcasters 2nd Annual Mini-Con

NYC Podcasters is a small network—all are welcome—of independent showrunners based in New York City. It is overseen by serial podcaster and photographer Lee Uehara. If you have a podcast and live in the New York City-metro area, then come on in!

We also have an annual conference, which has been hosted virtually and in-person. We invite collaborations and sponsors, too.


Currently, we offer a GOLD LEVEL Membership. This includes:

♦️Invitation to our private Facebook group—or any other online app offered
♦️ Event registration at a discounted rate
♦️ Access to in-person + virtual events
♦️ Application for podcast to be listed on the NYC Podcasters website
♦️ Early notification of speaker submissions for our annual conference
♦️ Support from like-minded podcasters in the NYC-metro area
♦️ Opportunities for collaborations

By signing up for membership, you agree to abide by our core values (be good, do good) and mission (help each other grow as podcasters). All sales are final, and there are no refunds.

*Please note that we are MOST interested in folks who want authentic connection and will contribute to the group as well. We are inclusive and do not tolerate hate speech or any other demeaning rhetoric meant to disparage other human beings.

If that describes you, then please click HERE to purchase an annual membership.

NYC Podcasters is NOT for moochie lurkers and/or those who do not value dedicated networks of good people striving toward inclusion and supporting each other’s podcasting endeavors.


NYC Podcasters was formed on October 2, 2018 when some of us came together at a local bar, Black & White, on East 10th Street in Manhattan. (We all met through the mega-watt group, She Podcasts.)

Since then, we’ve grown into a diverse group of podcasters, truly representative of New York City!

Click HERE to join us.